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Continuous casting machine's classification method

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Saat sekarang,continuous casterhas been widely used in steel mills with various forms and uses. The name of continuous casting machine is also very inconsistent.

The classification method of continuous caster is introduced according to general habits

1. The shape classification of continuous caster includes: vertical caster, vertical bending caster, arc caster, ultra-low head (oval) caster, horizontal caster, wheel caster, etc.continuous caster suppliers - CHNZBTECH

2. According to the section of casting slab, there are:

- Billet caster: the section is less than or equal to 150 × 150 mm is called billet, but more than 150 × 150mm is called bloom. In billet continuous casting, 120 × 120mm is used as a dividing line. Above this value, submerged nozzle and protective slag shall be used for pouring, and below this value, open pouring or gas shielding pouring shall be used. It is also called billet caster if the ratio of long side to wide side of rectangular section is less than 3.

- Slab caster: the slab section is rectangular. Its width thickness ratio is generally more than 3.

- Round billet caster: the billet section is round and the diameter is Φ 60~ Φ 400mm.

- Profiled billet caster: Casting profiled section, such as I-beam.

- Continuous caster for both square and slab: on one caster, both slab and square billet can be poured.

3. According to the drawing speed, there are high drawing speed continuous caster and low drawing speed continuous caster. The main difference between them is that the slab is straightened with liquid core at high drawing speed and fully solidified at low drawing speed.

4. Classified according to the static head of molten steel: those with large static pressure are called high head continuous casters, such as vertical and vertical bending continuous casters. Those with low static pressure are called low head continuous casters, such as arc, elliptical and horizontal continuous casters.

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